BROTHY makes top quality bone broth from scratch through few but carefully selected ingredients.

We keep it clean, delicious and nutritious.

Paleo friendly. Keto friendly.

We partner with Gröna Gårdar.


BROTHY contains collagen that may help keeping and maintaining great skin, hair and nails.


BROTHY contains amino acids which may help to reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system.


BROTHY may decrease feelings of hunger and cravings. Try replacing breakfast, lunch or dinner.

brothy bone broth benefits explained

Why may bone broth be so beneficial to the body and mind?



Bianca Ingrosso

I replace breakfast or lunch with a BROTHY from day to day. It is low on calories, feels healthy and it makes me get through the day.

Pablo (Founder)

After only one week of drinking BROTHY, I was able to squat for the first time in 8 months. My sleep has also improved, plus it taste great!

Jakob Aronsson (IG @jakobaronsson)